No word if there will still be a Corey Haim Memorial in Hollywood. Corey Feldman hasn’t updated his blog since the passing of his best friend. His mom, who is suffering from breast cancer, is still struggling with his death and trying to make ends meet. His funeral has unmet expenses and his family has reached out to the fan community for donations.

“Unfortunately, the amount of donation the media has reported that Startifacts made to The Corey Haim Memorial Fund was less in actuality (they donated $10,000 rather than $20,000).

“This means that the funeral expenses have not been taken care of in their entirety. If you haven’t donated and would like to, please know that donations are still very much needed.”

Haim filed for bankruptcy in 1997 revealing that he owed $104,000 to the IRS and $100,000 to the state of California for taxes and medical expenses. His only assets were a 1987 BMW, $100 in cash, $750 in clothing and $7,500 in residuals and royalties as well as a pension plan.

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