REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Kim Zolciak Dumps Girlfriend Tracey and Runs Back to Big Poppa!!!

Kim Zolciak has just finished wrapping Real Housewives of Atlanta. It appears so has her relationship with DJ Tracey Young.  Kim who decided to take a walk on the wild side, broke up with Big Poppa to hook up with a chick. Was it a publicity stunt?  Maybe for Kim but not for Tracey.

An insider reveals, the couple have split up because Tracey was sick and tired of her constantly going back to Lee Najaar, aka Big Poppa.  Tracey is about to move from Los Angeles to New York and she wanted Kim to make more of a commitment but she was unwilling to do so and they have broken up as a result.

It looks like Kim loved the bling more than she loved her new girl. Now if she could only get Big Poppa to leave his wife for her. As they say, if he hasn’t left his wife by now, he probably never will. Once a mistress always a mistress.

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