Casey James, who has secured dreamboat status on American Idol, has earned himself a new fan. Who is it? Usher, this weeks mentor for the show. He says, “I was really impressed with him, even when he forgot the lyrics, believe it or not, he played it off enough to manage it.” Usher says to keep your eye on Casey, whether he wins or not.

Casey James, 27,  a fan favorite definitely has swag. His down to earth vibe, hopes to be the next Chris Daugherty. Fans would be surprised to learn that not only does he love to sing, he loves to read as well. He has no formal training and started singing at the tender age of two.

Our golden idol has a bad boy streak. He’s divorced and  has served time in jail for a DUI.  In November 2001, the aspiring singer plead guilty to reckless driving, was fined $200 and spent 30 days in jail. Then, in December 2002, he was arrested for DUI and operating a vehicle with an invalid license. He plead guilty again and was sentenced to 105 total days in jail. Casey says his partying days are in his past.

The big question is can he win? American Idol bookies have him finishing in the top 3. Crystal Bowersox is favored to win, with Siobhan Magnus second place, and Casey James in third.

After tonight’s performance, one fan tweeted, she hopes Casey James  gets  kicked off so he can come back to Dallas Ft. Worth and they can make out.  The odds are he will finish in the final four but will win “Biggest Hottie”.

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Jacy Nova

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