Is Taylor Lautner caught in a love triangle with Taylor Swift? This weekend, Taylor Swift avoided an awkward encounter at the Kids Choice Award, between the two boys who are competing for her affection. Fortunately, she was unable to attend but her two sweethearts were there.

Taylor, who was named Favorite Actor, shared the Cutest Couple award with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. Taylor, basking in his new found success, will star in the new movie Abduction.

In the film, Taylor plays a character who learns that his parents aren’t really his parents at all! Taylor must run for his life as he tries to stay alive – yikes!

The movie will begin production this July in Pittsburgh. Afterward, Taylor will star as Jacob Black in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”

Taylor, who has been keeping a low profile in the romance department seems to have a soft spot for Taylor Swift. Will she break his heart again? Cory may be the older man but Taylor is definitely the hotter one. I predict that Taylor will continue to enjoy the attention she gets from both guys but will probably choose Cory in the end. No worries, Taylor will have plenty of girls to choose from this summer.

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Jacy Nova

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