Bless your cheating heart. LeAnn Rimes can dish it out but she definitely can’t take it. Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife  Brandi Glanville told E! News exclusively that while she’s trying to work out their divorce amicably, her former hubby’s new girlfriend, LeAnn, has quite the jealous streak. She’s forbid Eddie to allow her to attend their son Jake’s birthday party. She says…

I have been so cooperative with Eddie and LeAnn for the sake of my children. I even went and signed and notarized a document saying they could take my kids out of the country to Mexico on vacation. I wouldn’t want to deprive them of such a great opportunity.

I have already spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning alone, missing my children, and crying because I have no family near by… Jake is my son, not Leann’s. He should be with both his parents on his birthday.

Eddie seems to care more about LeAnn than what is best for our kids. He doesn’t even come to Mason’s baseball games on my days because LeAnn doesn’t want him around me.”

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Jacy Nova

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