Sandra Bullock, still reeling from the bombshell news that Michelle McGee was hooking up with her hubby has been staying with her sister. Heartbroken over Jesse James many infidelities, sources says she feels duped and manipulated by the man she loves.

One friend said…

Finding out that her husband of nearly five years cheated on her “is probably one of the most devastating pieces of information she’s ever gotten,” Bullock’s close friend and longtime costumer, Joel Voorhies says.

“She feels embarrassed to show her face after giving that Oscar speech,” the source adds. “He ruined her life.”

On a positive note, Voorhies adds, “Sandy is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, strong women. Everybody gets hurt. She will rise above it. She will make a decision that will work for her. This moment in time does not define who she is.”

Jesse James is the poster boy for narcissism. Why bother getting married if you’re going to troll MySpace and the internet for women?  Hopefully, Sandra will kick him to the curb and move on with her life, friends believe it will take a VERY long time before she can trust again. Hang in there Sandra.

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