After watching two episodes of Sober House, it’s only day four and two people have already been kicked out. Kari Ann and Mike Starr. Mike, who is suffering a massive withdrawal is kicked off the show.Personally, I think Jennifer is a drama queen and lacks the compassion necessary to run a sober house. Did Dr. Drew put her on the show to create more chaos or because she’s really the right person for the job? Mike is still detoxing and is probably needs the most help.

Will Smith, who is a pretty mellow dude seems to be a much more patient guy and actually seems more upset that Mike Starr might relapse. He takes Mike to his house to help calm him down. Fortunately, Dr. Drew allows Mike Starr to have another chance. Mike goes back to the house and kisses and makes up with Jen.  She says she’s pulling for him, is it tough love? In the end, she feels the fragile group is making progress. Her favorite saying, get the f**k out. UGH!

Kari Ann shows up wanting to return to the house. Heidi is on a rampage to get Tom Sizemore kicked out and tells Kari Ann no one wants her there either. Maybe they should make Heidi the den mom since she has a very very sharp tongue. Razorblade girl and a total mean skank. Heidi wants to be forgiven for her past mistakes and is a total control freak. Why is it any of Heidi’s business? It’s obvious that Kari Ann is suffering, she’s an addict, she needs help and YES she is a pain in the ass but ALL ACTIVE ADDICTS are. Heidi is just jealous! In the end, her nastiness pushes Kari Ann out of the house. What a bully!

Heidi, you need to get over it and forgive people. Forgiveness is a powerful quality and it allows people to heal. She dwells on the past, enjoys making people uncomfortable and slowly everyone is leaving the show. Hello??? Get these crazy chicks out of there. Heidi definitely has some serious issues.

This season is hard to watch, at the same time I think it’s important for people to see the destruction drugs actually cause. What’s most annoying are the chicks on this show. Geez, they all need to hit an AA or Alanon meeting. In the end, I hope some the members end up staying sober.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.