Melissa Smith, fugly mistress number two for Jesse James, has posted a profile on profile. She’s looking to meet a dude anywhere from 30 to 90. She writes a very sexy and enticing intro…

Ive only been on here 5 days and nothing but guys wanting to try to play me. Sending me explicit pics, running up my phone bill, and generally wasting my time. So please, contact me only if you are serious about meeting asap and spoiling me right away! I am a real girl in a tough situation right now, (broke up with ex and left me with the house note and bills) Going to lose everything real soon! So will a real man please help!!!

Wow, so sexy Melissa. She solicits a man to “spoil” her while she tries to “get out of the adult industry and become my own boss.” She claims to be a stripper at one of the best clubs in Anaheim.  It sounds like a hooker ad to me. How can a stripper be broke? They make anywhere from $500 to $1000 per night. Why isn’t Jesse helping ya girl? I wonder if Jesse James will top Tiger Woods mistress count. Poor Sandra, how embarrassing.

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Jacy Nova

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