The Jersey Shore cast is most loved for knowing how to have a good time. In the past, Snooki’s fun loving ways have gone a little too far. Two heartbroken parents from Ulster couple is criticizing “Snooki” for glorifying binge drinking on her show, revealing that their son died in a tragic car crash after getting drunk at her party.

“She doesn’t care about what happened to our son,” said Michelle Truncali of Marlboro, referring to “Jersey Shore” cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Michael Truncali, 18, was killed in 2004 when he crashed his car after drinking heavily at a Thanksgiving eve party Polizzi threw at her mother’s Ulster County home.

Cops said Polizzi charged guests money for alcohol. “We’re not out to trash Nicole. I never blamed her for what happened. I blame others,” Michelle Truncali told the gossip Web site. “I am not looking for those people to get arrested. I just want the truth.”

Polizzi was charged with selling alcohol to minors in 2005 after she hosted a party at her family home in Marlboro, N.Y., in November of 2004, Radar reported Thursday. One of the party-goers, 18-year-old Michael Truncali, died in a car crash. Truncali had been drinking heavily at the party and died with a blood alcohol level of .18, Radar said.

Truncali ran into a tree and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, according to a report at the time from the local paper, The Daily Freeman. Marlboro Police Chief Stephen Fajifer told Radar that Polizzi cooperated with the investigation into Truncali’s death.

“She came in willingly and spoke to us several times about the incident,” he said.

An MTV spokesperson said the network was unaware of the incident when Polizzi was cast. “We were not aware of this incident because it occurred while Nicole was a minor,” the spokesperson said.

A very tragic situation, it sounds like Snooki’s mom should have been the responsible party. She was the adult and allowed underage drinking at her home. Snooki has moved on and will be appearing in the new season of Jersey Shore 2 in South Beach. She’s found a new man and I’m sure will continue to party on. I wonder when there will be a Jersey Shore Rehab show?

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