I guess Sandra has lost that loving feeling. According to Chicago Sun Times, A longtime friend of Bullock’s — from before ‘‘Speed’’ raced her to the forefront of Hollywood — told the newspaper late Monday, ‘‘Sandy has decided there’s no way their relationship can be fixed.’’

The reason? As is often the case in troubled marriages, whether or not the couple is famous, it all comes down to trust. Or a lack thereof.

‘‘Once the trust is gone, there’s nothing left,’’ the source says Bullock has said to friends and close associates.

In addition, Bullock is said to be ‘‘furious’’ with several members of James’ inner circle, part of his West Coast Choppers motorcycle design team. While the actress understands those folks’ first loyalty is to James, she also thought ‘‘that they were her friends, too,’’ added the source, and shouldn’t have kept Bullock in the dark about the affair.

Wow, the big loser in all of this is Jesse James daughter Sunny. I can’t believe Jesse James threw away his marriage to Sandra Bullock for some Nazi chick. What a sad situation for everyone involved. Sandra, a proud Leo girl, will find love again. This type lets hope she skips the bad boys for maybe a behind the scenes guy. I hear Sam Mendes is single?

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Jacy Nova

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