Gotta love those Swedes! As a former resident of Sweden, I found this recent article pretty funny. Fredrick Federley, a member of the Swedish Parliament, said he has always campaigned as someone who does not take gifts from those he is responsible for regulating, but he was called out by the newspaper Aftonbladet in February for having accepted a free travel holiday from an airline. Federley denied that “he” accepted the trip. He reminded reporters that he is a notorious, flamboyant cross-dresser, and thus that it was his alter-ego “Ursula” who received the free holiday.

This should be filed under WTF? Colt Heltsley, 20, had been spotted by police in 2008 at the Preble County (Ohio) Fair, “looking around, acting nervous” in the area of a row of portable toilets and in one 30-minute sequence continually moving empty toilets until they were close together. He was eventually convicted of voyeurism, peeping at a female using the facility. In December 2009, a state appeals court rejected Heltsley’s defense that police had violated his right to privacy with their surveillance.

Last but not least, news of the weird story. Timing Is Everything: Guido Boldini (and his mother Constance Boldini) pleaded guilty last April to soliciting a hit man to take out his ex-wife, Michelle Hudon, after a contentious child-custody battle in Keene, N.H. The “hit man” was, of course, an undercover cop, and the son and mother are now serving a combined 12 to 35 years in prison. However, what the hubby didn’t know was that Michelle Hudon had been diagnosed with cancer, and in September, she died. Basically he hired a hit man to kill someone who was already dead. What a dummy!

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