In a new article, friends say Michelle McGree bragged about her alleged affair with Sandra Bullock‘s husband Jesse James, her ex Shane Modica tells

“She told me that she was hanging out with him and she was gonna marry him and be with him forever and all this stuff,” he tells Us. “But she says that about every single guy she meets, so I don’t really believe half the s—t she says.”

McGee – a tattooed stripper at Platinum in San Diego,  who claims to be 24, is actually 32. She also said she was Amish but is actually Catholic and actually has a close relationship with her mom. She also claimed that Bullock, 45, and James, 40, were “breaking up,” Modica says.

She used to say that “Sandra’s never around, that Jesse does whatever he wants to … Sandra doesn’t do anything for him, all that stuff. And I told her she’s an idiot,” McGee says.

He tells Us he didn’t know when McGeee and James “got involved … I don’t know if this was made up in her head. I can’t say if they’ve seen each other or not, because I don’t believe anything she says, truthfully.”

Well, it looks like her love affair with Jesse James is definitely OVER now. In fact, Michelle Bombshell has lost a modeling contract with a clothing company and may lose custody of her son Avery. What’s next for our kiss and tell girl? More stripping and more tattoos. Hate to see what she will look like when she’s forty.

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