This week, psychic Barb Powell takes a look at the marriage of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Why did he cheat? Will she be able to forgive him barb powelland what does the future hold for the Hollywood couple.

Open Letter to Sandra Bullock….

Aaaah, another Hollywood OMG story!  So Sandra Bullock’s husband allegedly had an affair, is this true?  Well with an intuitive look at it, yup.  So the question becomes why and is Jesse James’ wife, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, going to stand by her man?  Let’s take a look.  Why did Jesse James have an affair in the first place, why does anyone have an affair?  There are many reasons for it.  The wife is normally the first one we blame, but that’s not true either.  Sure we can always look at the past and think what if, or I should have done this and that.  But it all points back to the person who stepped outside the marriage.  It’s about choice and decision.

When I look at the energy of Jesse James, all I see is a man who has issues of self acceptance and goes out to find it.  He needs a woman who worships him, so he can feel that sense of power of someone who desires him.  I also keep hearing, she doesn’t understand me…meaning his wife Sandra.  That she treats him like a child at times.  Sandra has a very independent energy.  But this is a presentation of who she is.  Meaning this is what she likes to present to the world, but is not truly who she is at heart.  She likes to be in control, while Jesse has a laid back type of personality.  The point is in this relationship, these issues of adultery were already baking in the oven…it would have happened eventually.  This doesn’t make either one a ‘bad’ person.  Horrible choices were made, on each side.  Sandra is obviously upset and angry, who wouldn’t be.  But she needs to know not to listen to what everyone is telling her.  It’s easy for us to say cheating is a deal breaker when it’s not happening to us.  Once it does, it becomes a different story…it becomes real!

Sandra needs time to listen to her heart.  To sit back and ponder what she should do next, which is not make any hasty decisions at this time.  She does love him and he loves her.  I know that may seem foolish considering what he has done, but adultery does not have anything to do with not loving the significant other.  She will eventually go back to him, they will work it out.  But it won’t be easy and there will be ups and downs because they are in the public eye.  They both will pull out of the public eye for awhile anyway.  Sandra will put her career on hold to regroup and to think what next.  They were discussing children after all her work this past year!

If she were in front of me and one of my clients I would tell her, eventually this relationship of yours will break down.  You love him and he loves you, but sometimes that is not enough in a relationship because each of you will not be able to let it go.  Jesse will always remain that quiet individual..which makes you (Sandra) pull back from him.  If the relationship is to work then don’t take his pulling away personally!  Stay who you are and be confident in who you are, don’t pull away and create a gap in the relationship and blaming him.  Jesse you need to accept the way you are, even though the wife tells you that you need to do A, B and C.  You will always remain distant, etc.  Although there are times that you come out of this shell.  It’s a depressive DNA type of thing.  It’s who you are, there are good days and bad days.  The point is to accept this and work harder to get through the bad times.

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.