Vienna, is showing some love for her girl Gia. In a new tweet, she says she thinks Gia would have been the best bachelorette. I think most fans jake pavelka and viennawould agree that Tenley or Gia would have been the better choice. Ali just doesn’t seem that likable. Ali is like the bitchy head cheerleader or prom queen everyone loves to hate.

One of Girardi’s Twitter friends, “AliThompson08” raved about third-place Allemand. “she was a sweetheart on the show! she should’ve been the new bachelorette!…not Ali!”

“I can’t tell you how much I agree,” Girardi replied. Allemand, she says, “would have been the best bachelorette!” Girardi and Fedotowsky famously butted heads on the show. “You don’t see the things Vienna said to me. They were very hurtful,” Fedotowsky complained on the After the Final Rose special.

Before Fedotowsky was officially named the next Bachelorette, bikini model Allemand, 26, tried to put herself in the running. “Yeah, I would definitely consider it,” she told USA Today in February. “It’s such an amazing experience. I would love to find love and see how it is on the other end.”

I guess Mike Fleiss has a thing for blonds. In the recent 20/20 interview, he said that Ali was always his first choice. Really? Maybe he thinks she will bring more drama to the show. The new season of the Bachelorette premieres on May 24th.

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