Lady Gaga’s star got a little tarnished this week. She was sued last week for $30 million dollars by her ex boyfriend Rob Fusari. Fusari, a song writer rob fusari and lady gagaand music producer, filed the lawsuit Wednesday in New York City. He claimed his former girlfriend, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, dropped his services as her career flourished. He alleged they co-wrote songs such as “Paparazzi” and “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” and that he came up with her stage name.

If you see Lady Gaga’s “before” picture, someone definitely did a makeover on our girl. Check out the very unglamorous photo of her on the right.  She’s definitely an amazing artist but she didn’t reach superstar status without a little help from her friend.

Fusari helped create the moniker Gaga, after the Queen song “Radio Ga Ga“. The singer was in the process of trying to come up with a stage name, when she received a text message from Fusari that read “Lady Gaga”.

Rob Fusari says, every day, when Stef came to the studio, instead of saying hello, I would start singing “Radio Ga Ga”. That was her entrance song. [Lady Gaga] was actually a glitch; I typed ‘Radio Ga Ga’ in a text and it did an autocorrect so somehow ‘Radio’ got changed to ‘Lady’. She texted me back, “That’s it.” After that day, she was Lady Gaga. She’s like, “Don’t ever call me Stefani again.”

Rob Fusari even sent songs he produced with her to his friend, producer and record executive Vincent Herbert. Herbert was quick to sign her to his label Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records, upon its establishment in 2007. She has credited Herbert as the man who discovered her, while adding that “I really feel like we made pop history, and we’re gonna keep going”.

So far, Lady Gaga has paid Rob only $600k and he’s asking for $30 million. I’m sure they will probably settle out of court. Lady Gaga, an Aries girl needs to pony up and show respect to others who helped make her number one.

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