Nostraboris, has been absent for awhile and decided to put his two cents in on the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James scandal.jesse james and michelle bombshell

As they say, you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. The media has gone ballistic over Jesse James affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. How dare he cheat on America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock.

“This woman has more tattoos than twenty drunken sailors”, sneered CNN anchor Rick Sanchez in disgust. Jesse James not only cheated on his perfect wife, he had the balls to do it with a tattooed chick. Judgment was tweeted down unanimously.

Personally, I can’t relate to dudes that cheat on their wives, especially for 8 months straight. Why be married? I do relate to being a non 9 to 5 guy with tattoos that’s in a relationship with a successful, professional woman. Celebrities are none of my concern, but the feigned outrage bothers me.

Polo shirt wearing, poster boy Tiger Woods was caught banging dozens of women while being married, and nobody critiqued his taste for generic, dime a dozen blonde skankage. When Jesse James cheated on his star wife with an aspiring tattoo model, the shirt-tucking jocks on TV cry outrage.

Not every man fantasizes about the girl next door. I am pretty sure that many of the dark secrets buried in Rick Sanchez’ browser history includes some hard core anal tattooed chick porn. The difference is that while secretly drooling over inked females,  such as James’ ex wife, the square dudes would never get near, let alone marry one. Chances are that Sanchez departed on plenty a porn voyage through the dungeons of the internet, only to arrive at paralyzing guilt, and a sticky keyboard. Should he ever cheat, it’ll be with an intern, desperate enough to bang Rick Sanchez, and no one will ever know.

I refuse to judge, or condone anyone who’s shoes I haven’t filled. How could Sarah Bullock ever forgive this? I do know that in this case, there will be no phony sex therapy,  diamond ring bribes, or insincere press conferences. Jesse James fucked up big time, and he is owning it.

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Jacy Nova

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