Jesse James, issued a public apology to his wife and kids today, for cheating on Sandra with a tattooed freak named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. michelle bombshell mcgee2According to In Touch Weekly, Michelle sold Jesse out for $30k and told her soul to the devil. The story includes multiple texts that Michelle and Jesse sent back and forth to each other.

In one story, Michelle claims to have met Jesse through his MySpace page. According to her ex boss, she met Jesse at the strip club, Platinum, in San Diego where she dances.  She claims to have had a 11 month affair with the West Coast Choppers CEO. But they had sex only 5 weeks out of the 11 month affair? They sound more like hook ups to me.

Their affair included multiple tweets, one of them includes Michelle giving Jesse James advice on his marriage? She wrote…

“Sometimes to love yourself…you need to just walk away,” she advised him, according to the site. “Running away from Love is easy,” she wrote a short time later. “Facing your Fear makes u a TRUE LOVER…” (In this case, waking up to her in the morning you go running screaming out the door.)

It appears that Michelle Bombshell took the relationship much more seriously then Jesse did. Her ex boss, Madrano says, she remembers when McGee first told her about meeting James at a strip club. “I said, ‘Wait, a minute — isn’t he married to Sandra?'” Madrano recalls. “And that’s when she told me, ‘Oh, well. That’s just a sham for publicity.'” She said, “‘I’m his girlfriend,'” Madrano recalls McGee telling her.  Hello? Delusional. A five year sham? Get real tattoo sista.

When she was with James, McGee often got “mad” at him because “they were either supposed to spend time together and didn’t, or I think some follow-up from him wasn’t there,” Madrano tell Us. Madrano says McGee often retaliated, saying things like: “‘Fine, then the next time you want me around, I’m not gonna be there!'” (It’s called dating a married man!)

How in the world will Sandra ever be able to forgive Jesse James? First, take a look at this GROSS chick, she’s so nasty. Second, this chick is the biggest blabbermouth ever, what was he thinking? Sadly, Sandra will probably kick Jesse to the curb. Will he go running back to Michelle, I seriously doubt it, her 15 minutes of fame is up. What a bummer for Sandra. Hang in there girl.

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