REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Why Did NeNe and Lisa Call Kim Zolciak a Total Fake???

According to NeNe and Jill, in a new interview for “Watch What Happens,” told Andy our favorite skanky housewife, Kim Zolciak, is not gay. In kim zolciak and big poppafact they say, she is very much with Big Poppa.  Even Lisa Wu Hartwell has jumped on the bash wagon.

In new interview she says…

“I never had a problem with Kim; I never understood where that came from. I thought she was a fun girl and fun to hang out with … then she just started on me, maybe for the cameras,” Harwell recently told Tarts. “Some people feel the need to turn it on for the cameras to seem like they’re interesting. I’m the same regardless of whether the cameras are there or not. Some people just have to find a beef with someone.”

However, when we questioned Zolciak, she insisted she and Hartwell were pals.

“I like Lisa,” Zolciak said. “There was some miscommunication way back when but we discussed everything and moved on. She is a fun girl and an asset to the show.”

Sure Kim, we know you love the cameras. Of course we love the drama as well. Our girls aren’t “Real Housewives” unless there is some  sort of cat fighting. Meow!

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