Casey James, may be dreamy but several years ago it sounds like he may have had a drinking problem., has uncovered not one casey james american idolbut TWO DUI’s for our American Idol contestant.

According to Radar, Casey pleaded guilty to reckless driving in 2001, for which he was fined $200 and given 30 days in jail as well as placed on probation for 12 months. A year later, he pleaded guilty again, this time to driving with an invalid license and driving while intoxicated. He was sentenced to fines and 75 days in jail.

“I figured it would come up, but it’s kind of been blown out of proportion,” he told Idol Tracker at Thursday night’s Top 12 party. “It’s common, public knowledge, but it was also 10 years ago.”

Casey emphasized that the experience, while embarrassing, helped him “really mature as a person.” In fact, he said he’s glad it happened. “I’m really thankful because it changed me. I was young and stupid.”

Well, at least he admitted to his mistakes and it sounds like now when he parties, he takes a cab. Will he win American Idol? Probably not,  but I expect he will get a record deal. Definitely a hunk, does he have the X Factor to make it last? Only time will tell.

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Jacy Nova

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