Tonight, 20/20 opened the kimono on what really happens behind the scenes on our favorite reality show. The Bachelor mansion, also known as reid-rosenthal-2“Heartbreak Hotel” or a one way ticket to fame.

In new video clips, we get to see that Jake and Vienna dig honey and peanut butter sandwiches. Also, they still have that steaming hot chemistry.In a interesting twist, Mike Fleiss reveals that Reid was the first choice to become the new Bachelor, not Jake. Wow!!! I guess Reid decided to go the HGTV route. On a side note, Ali is a VERY BAD actress, she probably knew she was going to be chosen as the Bachelorette, I seriously doubt she ever loved Jake.

Trista and Ryan, six years later still going strong. The big scoop, they were paid a million bucks to get married on TV. Also, their wedding cost $4 million dollars. Wowza! Mike Fleiss called her the Willie May’s of Bachelorettes.

On Charlie’s season, we found out that 25 women were vying to hook up with an alcoholic. The lucky girl to receive the final rose was Sarah. They broke up but happily got back together after Charlie got sober. In case you missed it, Sarah made an appearance on LA Ink, where the receptionist was trying to get a tattoo removed.  The receptionist, also a former contestant on Rock of Love, sigh so incestuous. Wedding bells for the cute couple? They say soon…very soon.

Oh Deanna, she gets to face the man who broke her heart, Brad Womack. The most hated bachelor ever or the smartest? My vote is the smartest! Deanna claims they are still friends. Really? They hadn’t seen each other in two years. In her interview, she tells Brad she shouldn’t have picked anyone either. Jesse, is much better without her and still a class act. Deanna, well…I still think she needs to grow up. Seriously!!!

Wicked Wes, still full of himself. Mike Fleiss admits they were going to make him out to be the villain. Wes hesitated when asked if he had a girlfriend when he went on the show. I still don’t believe him. I don’t think Melissa who interviewed him believed him either.

In the end, we find out some former contestants found love and some are still searching. My favorite clip was the interview with Reid Rosenthal, what a cutie pie, I can’t believe he turned down becoming the new Bachelor. Of course he found love, with who? Miss USA!!! Go Reid!

Melissa Rycroft, throws Jason under the bus. She reveals she didn’t find him attractive in the beginning. In the real world, she probably never would have went out with him. On the rebound from her ex Ty, she went on the show. I guess in the end, Jason was right and he belonged with Molly. Melissa got her Prince Charming and got her man Ty in the end.

What I want to know is will Jake and Vienna have a happily ever after? Will Mike Fleiss get his teeth fixed? Who the heck is Stacey Becker, the blogger? She’s a good writer, plus she just got married. Congrats! My favorite bachelor? Andy Baldwin…

My biggest surprise, Mike Fleiss says typically the Bachelor has sex with at least 3 girls. The one who had the most? Bob Guiney had SIX WOMEN! UGH! That must explain why Jake felt he had no chemistry with Tenley. So who are the 3 women he had sex with? He didn’t reveal that but my guess is Jake did it with Vienna, Gia and Tenley. Wow!

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Jacy Nova

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