Heartbroken Marie Osmond, is reported to be in disbelief over her adopted sons suicide. Tragically, the 18 year old teen leapt to his death on Friday night. Marie, who was doing a show in Las Vegas with her brother Donny, immediately canceled her performance to return to Los Angeles.

Losing a child, is a parents worst nightmare. Even more sad, is when they take their own life. What happened? It’s reported, Michael Blosil, suffered from depression and recently had completed a rehab program. An excellent student, he had a 3.9 grade average and was attending the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles.

On Friday night, according to his roommate Sean Srnik, he seemed to be in good spirits.

He told ET:

“Everything seemed fine,” Sean says, obviously shaken by the events that transpired Friday night. He describes Michael as “The happiest, most fun guy I’ve met in my life,” saying his suicide was a complete surprise to him. “It’s something I would never expect from somebody like this.”

On the night of his death, Sean says, “Michael got a phone call and he left the living room … around 9:15 or 9:20, and then he left. About five minutes later [his best friend] Ruth Ann came in. She asked, where’s Michael? We were like, ‘He just left…he always leaves when he talks on the phone.'”

Sean says Michael’s friend was concerned and “ran into his room … that’s where she found the note on the bed.” A few minutes later, she heard the police sirens and looked out the window to see Michael laying on the ground downstairs.

So shocking, so sad. Thoughts and prayers go out to Marie Osmond and her family. His funeral is expected to be held this weekend in Utah. 🙁

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