Poor Elliot Yamin, still stuck in Chile, he’s getting low on diabetic supplies. He tweets…elliot yamin

“We’re stuck, stranded. We haven’t been able to reach the U.S Consulate at the embassy here, it goes straight to voice mail, and the voice mail is full,” a distressed Yamin told Pop Tarts via phone on Monday. “It’s the first business day since the quake hit, they’re probably busy with Hillary Clinton and US government officials as we speak, so I’m sure getting us out of here is the furthest thing from their minds.”  

But Yamin said he will need medical supplies and attention soon or could suffer severe health problems.

“I am a Type 1 diabetic and I only packed enough insulin supplies for my pump to last a couple more days, so I’m starting to worry,” he said. “I don’t know how long we’re going to be here. This country isn’t very keen on insulin pumps; supplies for my pump are running low. Hospitals here are very crowded, and as you can imagine, they are dealing with bigger things.”

Wow, hang in there Elliot. Hopefully, he can get some meds from the hospital.

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Jacy Nova

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