Next week, we will finally get to find out who Jake picked? Is it future Disney star, Tenley? Or is it the sexy vixen, Vienna?  Personally, I like both girls for different reasons.

Vienna, I think would be alot of fun to hang out and party with. She’s the girl who will chew out the guy who cheated on you,  or take you on a “girls only” trip to Las Vegas and bring new meaning to “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” A super fun girl. I have a couple of really good friends like her and when we’re out, it’s a guaranteed good time. Yes, she’s a little immature but I think her feelings for Jake are real. Also, I think she would keep him on his toes. But is she really ready for a lifetime commitment? I don’t think so.

Tenley, she’s like a sorority sister, always loyal and the best BFF you will ever have. She will never flirt with your boyfriend, she will come visit you when you’re sick and give you a shoulder to cry on when you’re sad. Does she need to loosen up a little bit? Probably. But seriously, I really like Tenley and she’s just a typical down to earth Oregon girl. She’s the girl Jake should probably pick but maybe she’s just too safe. She falls under the “nice girl” umbrella.  In today’s world, sweet and nice, are HIGHLY underrated.  I would LOVE to see Tenley as the next Bachelorette. That girl needs to get in touch with her wild side.

Jake, in Jillian’s season, came off as the “aw shucks” kinda guy. In reality, he’s a PILOT and I’m sure he’s joined the Mile High Club a few times. Plus, he’s 31, and it must be pretty exciting for him to have two 23 year old girls to pick from. That says ALOT about Jake, wanting a much younger women. Hmmm…

Vienna and Jake together, will have many sexy adventures and alot of heat between the sheets. I think she will dare him to behave in ways he never dreamed of. With that said, choosing Vienna brings lots of drama and excitement. I think she brings out the rebel in Jake and he likes it.

With Tenley, together they would be ready to get married, have two kids and the white picket fence. I can see her in her soccer mom outfit, brunch with family on Sunday and probably a very traditional family life. Maybe she’s way too safe for Jake, he wants to sew his wild oats and maybe he feels he can’t have that with Tenley. If  he does choose her, I think she would be the life partner he’s looking for.

In the end, who’s really immature? Is it really Vienna or is it Jake? Next week, should be interesting.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.