Yes, in the Women Tell All Reunion, some gossip rags say that Jake is still infatuated with Ali. Do you think so? I think she’s more jazzed at the possibility of being the new Bachelorette and having 25 hot guys chase after her.

Of course, Star Magazine insinuates that they hooked up after the show. Also, that he regrets picking “immature” Vienna and all the drama she has created with her ex. Or is Vienna sexual napalm for Jake, just like Jessica Simpson was for John Mayer.

Jake Pavelka  told ET, he is “ecstatic” with the decision he makes in the Bachelor season finale, which airs in one week on Monday, March 1.

“I know it was the right decision for me,” Jake told ET Online. The pilot, who won’t confirm whether or not he’s currently engaged or dating any of the finalists, let it slip in an interview that he didn’t have plans on Valentine’s Day. ( what does that mean? )

Jake has said in many interviews that Ali was in the lead, if that’s really true, why didn’t he let her come back? Also, what was up with the hotel background in San Francisco? Does Ali live in a hotel? It just seemed so fake. Yawn!!!

In the end, will they make it to the altar anyway. Jillian is rooting for Tenley, I would like to see her win also. But it looks like Vienna wins the crown and gets to be treated like a Princess for the rest of her life. Or till the next reality show.

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Jacy Nova

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