Poor Jake, he can’t seem to get a break this Bachelor season. All of his women, seem to either have boyfriends, job issues, or they are gold diggers.

In a new rumor, it looks like dear sweet Gia has had a boyfriend for the last two years. They “pretended” to break up, just so she could get on the Bachelor and hopefully win Jake’s heart. How fake can you be?

My favorite blog, Crazy Days and Nights reports:

I just noticed that I put the spoiler warning but if you have no idea who Gia Allemand is then you have no idea what show I am spoiling. For some reason the finalists from The Bachelor have been on the cover of the tabloids even more than The Kardashians. One of them who has been on frequently lately is Gia who has had significant plastic surgery. Well, it turns out that in addition to plastic surgery she also has a boyfriend that she has had for two years. Gia has been dating a guy named Dominick Pierno who had to pretend the couple broke up. They haven’t and were spotted out as recently as last week. It just shows you this is all about people getting on television and not really anything about falling in love.

Well, maybe Vienna was chosen because she was the only chick that was actually single? Will it last? Will she pose for Playboy? Enquiring minds want to know. This season has been a little too fake for my liking. bummer.

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Jacy Nova

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