Where is the love? Poor Michelle, always the bridesmaid never the bride. In a new interview, she says she has no regrets and only wishes the best for Jake Pavelka. Does she think she got a bad edit on the Bachelor? Suprisingly no, she said they portrayed her accurately. This girl wants a man, babies, a white wedding, and she wants it now.

She tells Reality World…

“I totally understand what he is saying when he said that because or if I was in his shoes, if you don’t feel with somebody, I don’t feel that you should wait a couple more days or however long it is for a Rose Ceremony to not give a rose to somebody,” Kujawa told Reality TV World during a Thursday conference call with reporters.  “Yes, I was in shock.  But I would definitely do what he did if the feelings weren’t there.”

“I was surprised because I was hoping that, he would have me stay.  But at the same time, if he had me stay, you know, there was a Rose Ceremony, maybe I was going to be one to not get a rose.  So like he said, ‘We don’t have to wait for a Rose Ceremony.'”

“I went on the show to find love,” Kujawa said.  “I am at that point in my life where, of course, I would love to fall in love with somebody and eventually, down the line, get married and have children.  The way I was, you know, shown on TV, it seems like I wanted to get married that minute and have kids, you know, the next day but that’s not the case.”

“I am not in any rush at all to get married within like this year or have kid this year,” she added later.  “I need to have a lot of other things before looking into getting married and having kids.  Of course, but on the show it seems like I want to get it done and right done in there.

Well, maybe she wasn’t so crazy after all. Or she figures if she wants to ever date again, she better do some back peddling.

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Jacy Nova

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