Poor Simon Monjack, in his despair, he appears to be in denial about his wife, Brittany Murphy’s struggle with health problems and a possible drug addiction.

People reports:

Monjack appeared on the Today show Thursday morning, along with Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy, answering hard questions from host Matt Lauer about rumors of Murphy’s drug use and anorexia.

“Let’s set the record straight once and for all – Brittany was not taking any medication for her mood, for anorexia,” Monjack said. “It’s utterly ridiculous that these rumors have perpetuated.”

As previously reported by PEOPLE, Monjack, who says he suffers from a heart condition and seizures, claimed most of the prescription drugs found in the couple’s home are his. He told Lauer his late wife used Vicoprofin and Sarafem during her menstrual cycle.

When Lauer brought up the possibility of an eating disorder, Monjack replied, “Absolutely not. You just need to go to her favorite restaurant, Chateau Marmont, and speak to any waiter, who would tell you that she would happily order four plates of food and eat them all.”

Sad, but it sounds like she may have had bulimia. I hope he can take comfort in knowing everyone loved Brittany, a beautiful Scorpio girl,  as an actress and someone who had a wonderful spirit. Hopefully, he can find comfort in her memory and move on his with his life in peace.

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Jacy Nova

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