Poor Ronnie Wood, what’s an old rocker dude to do after your 21 year old girlfriend leaves you. Sources say he’s madly jealous over Katia’s several flings, since she joined UK Celebrity Big Brother. In fact, he’s rebounding with a hot Russian model. I wonder if Mickey Rourke and Ronnie hang out? They LOVE the eastern European beauties.

What about Jonas the sexy Swedish DJ?

Jonas has made it clear he is missing Katia, visiting the diary room to talk about their special ‘connection’.

‘I feel a bit empty… every minute I think of her,’ he said. Before admitting: ‘I may be a little bit falling in love.’

And watching him on screen has caused Katia to reconsider their relationship. ‘I like Jonas and I would love to go on a date with him,’ she said. ‘I just love hugging and talking to Jonas. I miss him already.’

But one person who isn’t pleased by the budding love story is Dan Turner, who started dating Katia after her split from Wood. The 24-year-old, her friend of two years, said he begged Katia not to go on the show.

The club promoter said: ‘It was extremely hard to watch. Katia gave me some of the best times, but also some of the worst.’

He told the Sunday Mirror that his former love needed ‘looking after’ and he feared she would form a close bond with someone in the house.

‘Everyone who really gets to know Katia develops an urge to defend her because she is so vulnerable and that is what I was trying to do by stopping her going on the show.’

And he said he would be there for her if she needed his support.

‘People keep going on about the fact that she is not a real celebrity and that’s entirely right. She was just thrown in at the deep end.’

Well, you can’t blame a little girl trying to milk her 15 minutes of fame. She will end up marrying some other rocker dude, pop out a few babies and she should be set for life.

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Jacy Nova

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