You got it straight from Astrochicks first! Yesterday, we revealed who the “sexy” Producer was, that Rozlyn was having an inappropriate relationship with. It looks like the only thing sexy about Ryan was his blue Japanese robe.

Wow, Ryan Callahan must be REALLY sorry he ever befriended Rozlyn Papa.  Of course, he had the reputation of being a ladies man and his wife, Stephanie, left him over it in May 2009.

Now, he’s lost his job, his girlfriend and Rozlyn. Was she worth it, obviously not. An insider tells E! News that Callahan “had a girlfriend that worked on the show at the time. They were together, and he cheated on her with [Papa].”

The 28-year-old Papa — who was booted from the show Monday — maintains that she did not have a sexual relationship with Callahan. She says they were just friends, but Bachelor producers made up the fling to drive ratings.

“There was no making out!” she said this week in a radio interview. “Unfortunately, I did not get any out of this big sex scandal that supposedly happened. If I had known that I was going to get accused of it, maybe I would have gone for it!”

Ryan, a Pisces, wrote the following on his defunct MySpace page:

I work in the exciting, fast-paced, world of reality TV. When I’m not pretending to be a former American Gladiator, I enjoy telling strangers intimate details about my life from behind the safety of my computer. In addition, I’m probably better than you. Unless you have won the Heisman or Draddy Trophies, in which case, good on you.

Who knows? Maybe this was manufactured drama. Hopefully,  Ryan’s in on the joke and he will be one of the Producers on the new show, The Bachelor Pad. If not, what a dummy for hooking up with a contestant. Sell your story to National Enquirer Ryan before someone else does.

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Jacy Nova

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