It looks like Rozlyn is recovering from being thrown under the bus by ABC. The blogs and messages boards are buzzing, did she or didn’t she. At the end of the day, even if she made out with the guy, come on. Can’t you keep it together until after the show? Obviously, you’re not there for Jake and just looking for your 15 minutes of fame. Well sista, you got it.

Former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars tweeted the following:

Deanna Pappas – I don’t understand why all the girls were crying when Rozlyn was sent home. Hard to see Jake go through that but, the tears were a bit much

Jesse Csincsak – ABC Orders up 7 Episodes of the BACHELOR PAD !

Jillian Harris – @chrisbharrison correction – great episode in a crazy way – not in a good for Jake way. eeek!

Chris Harrison – You watched the episode now read the blog. This should answer any remaining questions you might have

Trista Sutter – @mscgum i think she’s denying now because she is coming off as less than virginal, if u know what I mean

Holly Durst – Getting together at @DeAnnaPappas place tonight for “The Bachelor” can’t wait!

Reality Steve – @jeremycade yeah, the whole thing was a joke. CH said last night would prove clearly what was going on. Huh? That was clear? Not even close

Jeremy Cade – @RealitySteve I mean seriously, if u like the girl, no matter what, u go up and talk to her about it. At least give her the opp to defend…

I have to agree with Jeremy on that one. Jake couldn’t have been that into her if he didn’t even ask her what was going on. I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle, it creates drama and makes people want to watch the show. Hopefully, Roz got PAID and the Producer guy was hot!!!

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