Major scoop, Bachelor fans. Everyone has been asking who Rozlyn Papa was messing around with. Of course we don’t know if they were flirting, making out, or doing the deed. Some say it was as innocent as letting her call her son, which is a major no no on the Bachelor. No outside contact.

Well according to sources, it was a Senior Producer on the show, his name is Ryan Callahan. If it’s true, he was recently divorced by his wife. I guess Rozlyn was just too much to resist. Was it worth it?

According to reliable sources, he loved the ladies and they loved him right back. According to, he has various Producing credits ranging from the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Pussycat Dolls and The Cougar.

The guy has major TV credits, it’s pretty amazing he would risk his job over this girl. Of course, was it planned? Were they dating before the show? Nosy fans want to know.

I wonder when they will interview Ryan? He should sell his story to Star or Enquirer. Come on Roz, spill the beans. Was he your guy?

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Jacy Nova

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