This week, Barb Powell, Psychic Medium,  takes a cosmic look and Casey Johnson’s troubled life.

On January 4th, we heard about another young celebrity death.  Casey Johnson, heiress to the Johnson fortune, was sadly found dead in her home. Her body, laid dead for days before being discovered.  This is such a tragic story on many levels.

There is so much speculation swirling around this young woman, yet people will believe what they want to believe.  Casey was a beautiful spirit, despite the perception of being a spoiled, immature, little rich girl.  She is presented in a way, where I am shown; she was trying to be someone she was not.  She wanted to be an independent, loved, and confident girl. When in truth, she did know what she wanted in life and was a lost soul.  That is what is truly sad.

I see her as confused, stuck in life, and always giving more to others than she was receiving back.  She truly was a good soul, warm and fuzzy on the inside, while pretending to be secure on the outside.  In truth, she was a ticking time bomb ready to self destruct.  I believe there were multiple factors that caused her early passing.  Drugs, alcohol and obviously not taking care of her own physical needs due to health issues, her body gave up.  Eventually, she just feel asleep, her breathing ceased and her heart gave up.  Respiratory distress was a major factor, complicated with drugs and alcohol.

I know that her family did indeed try to help her, even her true friends.  They tried to persuade her to go into rehab, cutting off financial support, and even contact with her adoptive daughter and the rest of the family.  That was NOT an easy decision for them.  The pain of that decision cuts deep and I’m sure they are feeling the weight of it.  Regardless, they made the right decision, and they tried.  Her actual true friends began to drop her when they realized that she was becoming destructive to their own well being.

Casey eventually had people around her that were selfish, only looking out for their own interest.  But they paid attention to her and she took whatever love she could get, even if it was destructive.  Basically, the people she surrounded herself with, towards the end of her life, used her.

I’m shown that Casey may have tried suicide more than once in her short life, because of her feelings of not being able to cope.  She was stuck in a dark hole and could not find her way out.  She felt like she didn’t have any control in her life, lacked self esteem and intense depression.  Depression probably ran in her family and the emotional baggage was too heavy for her to carry.

She was a very emotional person, she reacted upon those feelings rather than try to listen to her own intuition and gut instinct.  She had way too much self doubt, self esteem issues, and ignored her inner voice. Emotional people over eat, take too many drugs, drink, gamble and emotionally spend, etc, etc.  Emotional people need to know that they have to listen to themselves.  You are the power tool, you are the captain of your own ship, you need to fix the compass and sail in the correct direction.

Rest in peace Casey, may your family and those who loved you, find comfort in knowing the veil of depression has lifted and your compass is fixed. You’re free to higher calm waters.

For those who are in their own veil of depression, know that you are powerful.  Even when your life feels like it is in a vicious cycle of continuous mistakes; do know you can make a difference. You do have a purpose in life, a gift and skills that are needed.  There are steps to lower this veil, you are the author and you can write the ending of your own personal story to read anything you want.

Barb Powell

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.