FOR THE LOVE OF RAY J, Ex Girlfriend Monica Danger Loses Custody of Baby Girl to Gabriel Cannon!!!

For the Love or Ray J, it looks like Monica Danger really lives up to her name. It has been reported she has lost custody of her newborn baby. Why? Well, according to her family she suffers from postpartum depression and has been placed on psychiatric hold.

On the VH1 reality show, she always seemed a bit crazy. Almost bi-polar. TMZ spoke with Danger’s rep, who told us the reality star had some personal issues as a result of postpartum depression and spent a week in a psychiatric hospital in Northern California.

We’re told people close to Danger became concerned when she suddenly shaved off her hair — a la Britney — after an argument with her baby’s daddy.

Now, Monica has lost custody to the father, Gabriel Cannon. Yes, Gabriel is the brother of Nick Cannon who is married to Mariah Carey. The couple is reportedly engaged and expecting a second child. Are these two broken up? Possibly.  Sounds like she needs to take care of her business and focus on trying to be a good mom.

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  1. She need to get it together..she acting like she need a men….baby stop scting depress and make this about you and your baby fuck a nigga

  2. That stupid ass bitch shouldve lost her kid! That bitch is crazy as hell! Psycho ass ho! I feel bad for that babygirl! I have a daughter and a son on the way and I kno my ass wouldn’t have had no damn kids if I was retarted like her!!!! I feel 4 her babydaddy and I hope he does a better job raising that babygirl than she would have with her mama! Sorry 4 ya buddy! U shouldve known better tho!

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