CASEY JOHNSON, What Will Happen to Her Adopted Baby Girl Ava???

Sadly, Casey Johnson lost her battle to drugs this weekend. Leaving behind an adopted baby girl. What will happen to her daughter?

It’s reported that the 3 year old girl Ava, had been living with Casey’s mother, Sale Johnson, along with her step father,  sports broadcaster and former NFL star Ahmad Rashad. If Ahmad sounds familiar, he was married to Phylicia Rashad (Cosby show) for over 15 years.

According to sources, Casey’s family and friends had been worried about the child’s welfare ever since Johnson adopted her from Kazakhstan two years ago…

“She’d see Ava maybe for 10 minutes a day,” one source said. “Casey was either sleeping or going out. Nannies really took care of her.”

It’s reported, her mom Sale became worried about the child’s welfare, after her daughter was arrested for grand theft and continued to struggle with her drug addiction.

To make matters worse, Casey made a surprise announcement last month that she and Tila Tequila were engaged to be married. Especially, with Tila Tequila using the engagement as a PR stunt and photo opportunity. When will that girl get a life?

In the end, money couldn’t buy Casey happiness. Thoughts and prayers go out to to her daughter and family. Very sad.

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