Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are getting ready to face off in a uber custody battle.  Bristol and her mama Sarah, tried block the broadcast of the custody battle. Today, it was announced that the media and reporters will have access to the court proceedings.  They must really dislike Sarah, seems weird to give media access to a custody battle. What’s the battle over? Whether Bristol will have sole custody of the child versus joint custody with Levi.

What did Levi say…

“I know that public scrutiny will simplify this matter and act as a check against anyone’s need to be overly vindictive, aggressive or malicious, not that Bristol would ever be that way, nor that I would. But her mother is powerful, politically ambitious and has a reputation for being extremely vindictive,” Johnston said in his affidavit. “So, I think a public case might go a long way in reducing Sarah Palin’s instinct to attack.”

“None of this is true; my mother is not involved,” shot back Bristol in a sworn statement, though she did acknowledge the ex-gov’s role as grandmother.

The younger Palin also accused Levi of using the custody case to hype a potential reality TV series about his life in the Last Frontier.

No word on whether Levi will get his reality show, his lawyer confirmed they are in talks. Which means our Taurus boy is probably negotiating big dollars for his TV debut. Bristol should be happy, now he can pay child support.

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Jacy Nova

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