Ya gotta love Mike, The Situation. Last weekend, he was in NYC, doing a television promotion and hooked up with some cutie. After the sexy romp, our little lady decided to take a souvenir. Was it his hair gel, or maybe a pair of his g string underwear? Nah, it was one of his shirts.

NYC Entertainment Reports:

While staying at the Dream Hotel in New York City this weekend, Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino (of Jersey Shore infamy) got a taste of the darker side of fame. He was spotted walking around the hotel lobby wearing only a hotel-issued bathrobe and jeans, frantically looking for a gift shop to replace his missing shirt. Sounds to us like someone got themselves a souvenir after a quickie romp.

That would have been a fun sight to see, I hope he used protection.

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Jacy Nova

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