A short blurb from one of my favorite blogs, Crazy Days and Nights. A really sweet love story. These kinds of stories always remind me of movies. A couple in Florida who were married for 59 years died within moments of each other on Saturday night.

The couple eloped back when she was 16 and he was 19. Apparently they called each other honey so often that one of the grandchildren thought that was his grandfather’s name.

Over the past few years the wife began to have health problems and moved into a nursing home while her husband lived with one of their daughters.

Over the past few weeks the husband had grown weaker and on Friday night he moved into the nursing home with her. They had one last night together before they both died on Saturday.

A joint funeral was held last week. I think they would like that. Aaah, soulmates do exist.

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Jacy Nova

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