Jersey Shore, has taken reality show lovers by storm. I’m sure we all have a favorite, I personally like Snooki and Pauly D the best.

A cool little site, has created the Jersey Shore name Generator. Here’s what they have to say.

For those of you not caught up, imagine if MTV staged “Real World” on the Jersey Shore with 8 characters, with names like “The Situation” and “Jwoww”, who combine steroids, fake tans, and hair gel to make some of the trashiest television I’ve ever seen. This is an epic level of douchery that may not be matched in pop culture ever. Ever is a long time and I wanted to add to the douchery, so I badgered Chris into helping me cobble together the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator below.

In case you’re wondering, AstroChicks, Jersey Shore nickname would be “The Rack.” Very appropriate I might say, I wonder if it’s psychic.

Generating some more fun, you can check out your Tiger Woods mistress name as well.

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Jacy Nova

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