It looks like Snooki is the breakout star for Jersey Shore. Last night, she appeared on Jay Leno and recently made an appearance on Wendy Williams.

Last week, MTV released a teaser video of Snooki getting smacked by a drunk Queens teacher, who tried to steal her drink. When she tried to stop him, he literally punched her in the face.

Afterward, he was immediately arrested. Now, he has come forward and asked for Snooki’s forgiveness. He tells the NY Post:

“When I saw the video, I was sick to my stomach,” said Ferro, who had never been arrested before.

“I couldn’t believe that I’d ever do anything like that. I was raised to act in a respectful manner to women.

“I remember very little from the time of the incident,” Ferro said yesterday at his lawyer’s office in Bay Shore, LI.

“It’s all fuzzy. I remember a punch — I don’t remember who or why and I remember being arrested.”

The lawyer, Andrew Siben, said: “I think Brad should be given a second chance to show he is a person of much higher character than has been shown on this video.

“I think he’s a decent young man who, unfortunately, made a bad decision which has come back to haunt him” and may end his career, said Siben.

Ferro also wanted to apologize to the woman he punched and said he hopes she forgives him. “I’m very sorry for what happened,” he told her.

“I deeply regret what happened. Nobody deserves that. That was not the real Brad Ferro.”

Will Snooki forgive him? She seems like a girl with a big heart and probably will. I definitely think the guy should stop drinking, he has some serious problems. Love ya Snooki.

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Jacy Nova

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