ABC has just added a new love rollercoaster to its night time line up.  The Conveyor Belt of Love, a new dating show, will premiere after the new season of the Bachelor, starring Jake Pavelka.

According the the Examiner, during this televised speed-dating experiment, viewers can watch 30 men arrive via a conveyor belt and try to impress 5 single women.

The rules are simple. Each man arrives on a human-sized conveyor belt and is given 60 seconds to make an impression on 5 single ladies. The women hold up a paddle to say whether they are interested or not. If the woman changes her mind during the course of the show, she can swap our her original guy for a new man.

What happens if two or more women are interested in the same guy? The tables turn and he gets to pick which lady he prefers. After all men have cycled through the conveyor belt, the women each get to date one special guy and try to find a special connection. Check out a clip below!

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Jacy Nova

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