Rachel Uchitel, once famous for tragically losing her fiance in the 9-11 attacks, now she’s just famous for being a gold digger and home wrecker. In fact, her ex fiance’s father says he doesn’t recognize her anymore. I guess she’s had too much botox or plastic surgery.

In an new interview, James O’Grady, said the fame whore accused of being one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses is not the “good girl” his son was planning to marry when he was killed on 9/11 – and when she became a national symbol of grief over the terror attack.

“She was a nice person. She is not the same person anymore,” O’Grady said. “My son loved her. She loved my son. Maybe 9/11 had an impact on her.” O’Grady, 67, said he hasn’t seen Uchitel since they buried his boy, James Andrew O’Grady. “It’s painful for the family that my son gets dragged into this,” he said. “He has nothing to do with this.”

Asked if he had anything else to say about Uchitel, O’Grady cracked, “If you want to know what she is up to, check with A-Rod and Jeter.”

It’s been reported that Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel $1 million dollars NOT to kiss and tell. Gosh, her parents must be so proud!

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Jacy Nova

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