REAL HOUSEWIVES OF WASHINGTON DC, Michaele Salahi Confirmed as Cast Member, Who Else Will Be on the Show???

The Real Housewives White House Crashers, are definitely being considered for the new upcoming DC show. On October 6th, this was posted on a DC news site, the “housewives” who are believed to be in the final round of casting choices are:

Lisa Spies
: Spies is half of a powerful Republican fundraising couple. Her husband, Charlie Spies, ran Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign finances. Lisa Spies is the chief fundraiser for
Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.). One Republican says of her: “Bravo to Bravo for landing one woman who is the real deal in D.C. politics. Lisa has the connections to get the show cameos with top politicians.”

Mary Amons
: Amons, who lives in McLean, Va., is called by one (unnamed) socialite a “better fit for ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ than D.C.” Amons, a mother of five, is criticized by the socialite for “having nothing to do with Washington” and for being “not politically connected or even socially connected.”

Lynda Erkiletian
: As president of a Washington modeling agency,
Erkiletian “has the social cache and real job to be a fun cast member” says one woman who knows her, although not for attribution. “She isn’t political, but she will have the access to photo shoots and celebrities to give the show some star power.”

Michaele Salahi
: Michaele and her husband, Tareq, own a winery in Fauquier County, Virginia, and are owners of America’s Cup Polo Match. At the recent Polo D.C. Fall Classic, the blog FishbowlDC posted pictures of Salai being followed around by Bravo cameras. Her casting is also controversial because, as one real D.C. housewife says, “
What does polo have to do with D.C.?”

Dropped Out:

Edwina Rogers: Also seen followed by cameras at the polo match, Rogers is the wife of longtime Republican lobbyist Ed Rogers. They live in a mansion in McLean, which they call “Surry Hill.” Reportedly, Rogers told Bravo that she is dropping out of the show. One Republican woman told me, “Edwina finally realized that she and Ed were being mocked on the show, and it wasn’t worth risking his firm’s clients.”

Sissy Yates: Elizabeth Wentworth Yates is a jewelry designer and is also socially prominent in D.C. She is the sister of Ali Wentworth, who has her own show, “Head Case,” is a regular on Oprah, and is married to ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos. Sissy also reportedly wanted to do the show and talked to producers over the summer, but more recently pulled her name from the casting list.

According to NY Times, for years, the Salahis have publicized their own flashy adventures in the social and sporting scenes of Washington and its outlying horse country, and left behind a record of lawsuits and unpaid bills, many from the bankruptcy of the family vineyard after extended litigation between Mr. Salahi and his parents.

Also, Tareq’s parents told the media that their son is in over $1 million dollars in debt, and they are about to lose their home. According to E!, Bravo is distancing themselves from the couple and she may be cut from the cast. Stay tuned, I’m sure they will do the talk show circuit next week.

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