Carrie Prejean, I think she needs a new publicist. Right now she’s  the laughing stock of America. With her  high and mighty attitude on Larry King last night, she’s becoming a complete joke.

She swears  she’s just a poor little Christian girl, who got beat up over her religious views. I say thank GOD, Perez Hilton exposed her  for the person she REALLY is. From not wanting gays to get married to making sex tapes, she’s a piece of work.

Here are just a few soundbytes from other newspapers.

NY Daily News:

“I can’t hear you,” she said, like a six-year old on a playground.

“That’s because you took the mic off,” King replied.

“I think you’re being extremely inappropriate right now, and I’m about to leave your show,” Prejean repeated before flashing a bright white pageant smile.

With all this talk of propriety, Prejean may keep in mind that she is currently starring in both a sex tape and nude photos that are making the rounds.

LA Times:

My, my. Isn’t she high and mighty.

She reminds me of the seductive “V ” alien leader when she tells Scott Wolf not to ask any questions that might paint them in negative light. Wonder if there’s a lizard underneath that blond hair?

The Dish

Prejean, who is selling a book, has this rap she’s also selling in recent interviews as to how “conservative women” are treated poorly by the “liberal” press.I think her primary goal is to somehow link herself to Sarah Palin whom she mentions a lot. And so, last night, she decided to do a little agit prop playacting, even though Larry King is one of the nicest, kindest interviewers on the face of the Earth, let alone TV. There was absolutely nothing “inappropriate” about what he asked.

Carrie wonders why people dislike her so much? Because she’s soooooooooo full of it. At the end of the day, she’s just a immature little 22 year old girl. According to Perez Hilton, there are more sex tapes to follow of Ms. Prejean. I wonder how well her book will do?

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Jacy Nova

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