What a crazy ride this week has been? After the tragic shoot out in Fort Hood today, another sad story hit the newswire. It’s about a precious missing baby. It appears the mother and babysitter where in cahoots over a missing infant.

The mother, reported her child missing, after she had handed the baby over to her previously incarcerated babysitter. Why was she in jail? She was given a ten year sentence over the disappearance of her 3 year old stepson and badly beating her 6 year old daughter.  Why is this woman allowed to watch children? I think child abusers should have to register with the state just like peodophiles.

ABC News Reports:

Baker was questioned but not indicted in 2000 her 3-year-old child’s disappearance in 1987, according to the sheriff’s office. The child, Paul Leonard Baker, was never found.

The Associated Press reports that Baker claimed the boy disappeared from her Beaufort, S.C., home while she was napping. A massive manhunt in the swampy area around the Bakers’ home failed to find the boy.

Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock reported that Shannon was found in a two foot by three foot cedar wood box underneath a bed in Baker’s home late Wednesday night.

“The box was shoved at the back of the bed and there was a lot of material in front to deceive anyone who was looking for it,” said Haddock. “The box had a lid on it, but air seemed to be getting in.”

Fortunately, the baby is now in foster care and hopefully will find a loving home. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents. The baby is absolutely adorable.

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Jacy Nova

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