Sometimes I don’t understand men. Why? It always seems Hollywood dudes who have really hot celebrity chicks, love to cheat. The latest actor to be added to that list is Josh Duhamel who’s married to Fergie.

Supposedly, he “bragged” about having a fling with a stripper. Who appears to be really unattractive. I guess he must have been admiring her through beer goggles.

US Weekly Reports:

A lawyer for the same Atlanta exotic dancer who claims she had a one-night stand with Duhamel has passed a lie-detector test and is in possession of racy texts from the Transformers star that corroborate the affair, Us Weekly reports.

Attorney Romin Alavi tells Us that his client, Nicole Forrester — a 34-year-old mother of two — didn’t seek out the the National Enquirer (which offered her $20,000 for the story) in hopes of a payday.

“Josh bragged about what happened on the set of his movie [Life As We Know It], and someone called the Enquirer with the tip,” Alavi tells Us Weekly. “The Enquirer then came to Nicole.”

The new Us Weekly also reports how various women across the country have now come forth to claim their own dubious sexcapades with Duhamel, 34.

Josh, a Scorpio, is a very cute and sexy guy. Plus, Scorpio’s are known to have the wandering eye and quite lusty. His girl Fergie, is an Aries.  One very strong, passionate, and independent girls. I bet they have some big blowouts. Personally, I think Fergie is a doll, and Josh is lucky to have her. Who knows maybe they have an open relationship?

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Jacy Nova

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