It can’t be easy being Lindsay Lohan. Her father, Michael Looney Lohan,  continues to “pimp her out” trying to sell stories about his daughter to the tabloid. Under the umbrella of being a “sober soldier.” Personally, I think it must be challenging to have both parents relying on you financially to support them.

Lindsay spoke out on Twitter, her official PR machine and lashed out at her father.  People mag reports:

Lindsay Lohan has taken to Twitter to slam her dad Michael, following reports that he is seeking conservatorship over her, and that he’s offered an entertainment TV show tape-recorded conversations between himself and his ex-wife, Dina, in which they discuss their daughter’s well-being.

“My father is a lunatic & doesn’t even deserve such a title since he’s never been around in my life other than when he’d threaten me & my family,” Tweeted Lindsay, who just finished shooting the thriller Machete opposite Robert DeNiro. “He should be where he has always put himself after verbally abusing and physically abusing people all my life-behind bars.”

Lindsay, 23, also wrote that her sister Ali, 15, is also concerned about their father’s behavior. “It’s so sad to get a phone call from my baby sister just now asking, ‘why is daddy doing this?’ Through tears. He’s crossed the lines & hurt me & my family 4 the last time.”

I’m looking forward to her new movie. If Robert DeNiro’s in it, it has got to be good.

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Jacy Nova

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