I guess Real and Chance are more into acting like they are looking for love, versus really trying to find it. I guess real chance of love 2having your own reality show is a gold mine, both dudes have girls on the side, and babies to boot.

In the grand finale, Real picked Doll, and Chance picked Hot Wings. The only problem is, after the show, the two brothers never bothered to call the girls. They collected their REALity checks and hit the road.

Here’s what the two girls had to say…

“We wrapped the show in June, and it took me three months just to hear from Chance one time. That was the only time I heard from him since the show, and that was on Twitter,” Hot Wings told VH1 after the finale.

“I kind of feel like I got played really bad,” she added.

Hot Wings came on the show allegedly to find love though it didn’t occur to her that she joined a VH1 reality dating series— which pretty much toys with the idea of finding love all for the sake of good TV. And she’s not the only one who got a bad ending.

“Surprisingly, I haven’t really had much contact with Real at all, actually,” Doll told VH1. “It became clear about a month after the show was over. I mean, are you kidding me? For a guy not to contact me for a whole month after we supposedly became close? You picked me out of the 10 or 15 other girls that were on the show for you. And I wasn’t pursued a month after that?”

“Really, we didn’t win,” Hot Wings added. “It’s almost like we got eliminated too, because we never hear from them. Yeah, he picked me, but where is he now? I have no clue, I don’t speak to him. I gave him my number twice and he’s never called me. He told me something like, ‘Oh, I left your number in my pants, and the ink ran,’ or some kind of dumb excuse. So I was like, ‘OK, so here’s my number again…’ and still haven’t gotten a phone call.

Oh well, maybe one of these girls will get their own show.

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Jacy Nova

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