Someone PLEASE make Jon Gosselin go away. The latest news is Octomom thinks he’s hot and wants to do a reality show with him. Really? I guess she wants to “date” him as cameras follow them around and find out what it’s like to have 22 kids. I think most guys would run for the hills, the guy barely has time for his own 8 kids.

Reps for the reality dad, 32, demanded “10-12K” to guest-host the MJ Morning Show, a radio show based in Tampa, Fl., TMZ reports.

Why such a hefty fee? The rep explained that Gosselin is “quite funny, sharp witted and interesting” and his appearance would be a “high point for the show.” The station had already offered two first-class plane tickets and hotel room plus limo service for their would-be guest star, and turned down Gosselin’s five-figure request.

Meanwhile, the father of eight is drawing the line when it comes to his love life. After Nadya Suleman, 34, revealed her crush on Gosselin to RadarOnline (“I think he’s hot!” she chirped) Monday, Gosselin didn’t respond in kind. “No way!” he told the website today. “I want to get through this divorce and focus on my kids. . . it’s kind of weird though.”

It’s weird how two people who don’t practice birth control can get a TV show. How ridiculous! Interesting? Hardly!

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Jacy Nova

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