In case you haven’t heard, Jason Mesnick our Cancer boy,  got down on bended knee for the third time, which they say is a charm, and asked Molly to marry him in New Zealand. What did she say? YES!!!

MSNBC Reports:

Now the couple, who have been maintaining a long-distance relationship (he lives in Seattle, she lives in Milwaukee) have returned to the site of Jason’s ill-fated first choice so “Jason can do what he should have done in the last time he was here, and ask Molly to marry him,” says a source close to the couple.

Tuesday night, as part of a romantic weeklong trip in New Zealand, he did just that, proposing to Malaney, who giddily accepted.

Congrats to the new couple! It looks like real love this time. Will ABC have that $$$ million dollar wedding for the couple? I guess would anyone watch? Probably.

Weird, last year Jason and Melissa were engaged. This year, they are both marrying other people. I wonder when the wedding is?

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Jacy Nova

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