ABC has released the new publicity shots of Jake Pavelka as the Bachelor. I think he looks incredibly handsome and I’m sure millions of other women do as well. Yes, he is a bit on the soft side but I think with 25 hot women vying for his attention, we could see the naughty side of Jake.

It looks like his arch nemesis, Wes Hayden, might be getting his own show as well. Or is he? Wes recently told TV Guide that he has been in discussions with NBC to create a show around him. Seriously? What could they possibly do?

The Examiner Reports:

Hayden, who was vying for Jillian Harris’ heart in season five (maybe not so much vying but promoting), said in a TVGuide exclusive that he is currently talking to NBC about creating a show that would star him.

“I’ve actually got something going on right now that’s on NBC. They want me on just because of the popularity that I had from ABC. There’s something cooking in the works and you just might say… me and Jake with the feud on “The Bachelorette”… it might be weird to see Jake on ABC and Wes on NBC.

NBC has not commented, yet, which makes me wonder if Wes isn’t just trying to drum up more publicity for his personal career. It isn’t a far-fetched idea. It was obvious to viewers that Wes only went on “The Bachelorette” to promote his singing career, which by the way we’ve seen nothing of.

Maybe it’s for Bravo TV or another cable network? Personally, I just don’t see Wes as primetime material. Maybe CMT, VH1, or something like that. Or is Wes just trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame? Stay tuned.

Jake sure looks damn happy in this photo. He must be dreaming of fame, fortune, and hot tubs.

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